Almost 4 years have passed since Ned Farrell released his last album. Due to the high costs of recording and mastering, he has not recorded any other albums professionally, but he has continued writing and recording. He has recently made a compilation of several of these songs in 3 albums, not professionally recorded but of good quality. The songs are of different styles, as varied as country, folk, rock, ballads and even a waltz and a lullaby.

Download them for free in the “shop” by putting the code “Ned60” in the “checkout”.


Second album “One of Those Days”

Launched 23rd of November 2018

One of Those Days…is Ned’s second album and it’s a bit of a departure from his previous recordings. There is more of a Rock/Country feel this time round. 

The songs are a mix of hope, dreams and basically “getting up and getting on with it”.

Available Here!

First album “Only Just Begun”

Launched 27th of January 2016

Ned Farrell draws on a lifetimes experiences in music to craft a soulful collection of original songs

Available Here!

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