Only Just Begun

1-This Town

I don’t go out much these days

there’s never anybody around

It’s like it rains everyday on this god dam town

They say take it or leave it

They’re leavin’ every day

I hear them sigh a sad goodbye and then its on their way

This town was mighty, this town was strong

This town was mighty but this town was wronged

Nothin’ happens nowadays nobody calls around

It’s like there’s a cloud hanging over this town

They say nobody cheated but they’re cheatin’ every day

They moved the goals they sold our souls they gave it all away




Hey ho, I was thinking of letting go

I was thinking of coming down

And hit the road running

Even though I’ve been down this road before

And my feet are sore

There’s nothing I want more, blueskys

I want to be what it is you see in me

I want to be the best I can

Feel my blood pumping

To tell the truth I could never lie to you

Believe me it’s all true

If it’s the last thing I do, blueskys

You keep this heart of mine beating

You are that look in my eyes

You’re my blueskys

Rivers flow, every day the tides come and go

And the time ticks by

My head keeps spinning

I know, the way this is gonna go

We can take it slow, go with the flow, blueskys.

You keep this heart of mine beating

You are that look in my eye

You’re my blueskys

You are that look in my eyes

You are the how and the why

You are the good stuff

Breaking grey clouds up

My blueskys.

3-One Summers Day

It’s a summers evening

There’s people all over town

The young + the old they’re just sitting around

One of the neighbors has the radio on

And Thin Lizzy singing the cowboy song

It feels’ like a little piece of heaven

Down in the valley the girls + the boys

They’re having’ a good time, it’s a beautiful noise

The Spanish students have taken over the park

They sit around talking and

go home when it’s dark

It feels like this is how it should be

Wouldn’t life be better

If every day could be just like today

You know I love this weather

And we deserve at least one summers day

Out on the street the kids are getting a tan

They’re laughing and screaming

Playing kick the can

There’s a telephone ringing but no ones picking it up

I’m drinking gin from a paper cup

And it feels like this is how it should be

Chorus x2

4-Only Just Begun

They stared up at the stars

In a cloudless sky, they flickered + they danced

As the moon was climbing high

She took a deep breath, wiped away a tear

She took him by the hand

And she whispered in his ear

She said jeany Johnny I love ya

Hold me close now + give me a kiss

I wouldn’t swap ya for a ton of gold

You couldn’t put a price on this

Tell me Johnny that you love me

And you’ll never leave me alone

Are ya sure you’re sure that the future’s secure

C’mon Johnny let’s go home, it’s only just begun

They sat down on the sand

Under the bluest sky, they stared at each other

And they listened to the seagulls cry

When the sun went down they paddled in the sea

Then she took him by the hand and said

Now Johnny you listen to me


Only just begun we’re only walking

At the start of a long long road

Only just begun, where we’ll end up, who knows?

Only just begun we’re just strolling

Down in lifes long leafy lane

Only just begun We’re both new to this game.


Till the day I die I will love you sweetheart

Till this old world stops spinnin’ round the stars

Stay with me you’re safe with me

Until I die be my sweetheart

As the years go by like diamonds we will shine

Cause love like this deserves a life time

You and me we’re a certainty

Until I die be my sweetheart

Oh aren’t we the lucky ones

Together strong until our days are done

Until I die be my sweetheart

6-Second Time Around

I heard he left you all alone

A couple a kids and a broken home

Your heart torn in two, all pulled asunder

Left you crying all your tears

That you’ve been holdin’ back for years

I’ll stem the flow

Let my kiss ease your frown

Close your eyes, don’t look down

Let my love break your fall

Let my love ease your pain

No one can hurt you ever again

Let my love break your fall

We’ll have it all

Take my hand, come on walk with me

Take my hand I’ll take you home

Take my hand, come on dance with me

I’ll be your second time around

I heard he treated you real bad

Wasn’t happy with what he had

And he strayed and he played away it’s no wonder

You’re sittin’ here in the dark

Nursin’ that drink and a broken heart

Let it go



Mona, shine a little light

I need some help, what do I do now.

Tell me is it left or right

Which road will lead me to where I want to be.

Every footstep of the way

I feel you’re there with me

Every moment of every day

I know you’re there for me

Mona, thank you for this life

This flesh and blood, the years of love you gave to me

So much we never got to share

It’s just not fair the way life can go sometimes.

In your short life you believed

In god and his great plan

Well I hope it’s true and when he met you

He stood up and shook your hand.

Mona the years have flown, my kids have grown

They turned out fine, they stay in touch with me

But how you did what you did with what you had

Remains a mystery.

Mona, take me by the hand

Guide me on my way.

The little child inside the man

Is missing’ you today.

9-Stolen Treasure

You don’t fly anymore

Gone are the days

When I would sit and watch you soar

Over towns + tides

Now you’re lost somewhere inside

Stolen treasure taken from me.

You don’t talk much these days

I recall the time

When we would watch the fire blaze.

Those days are all gone

Lost like your songs

Stolen treasure, taken from me

Gone for good and forever

Lost to me stolen treasure

Treasure taken from me.

You stare right into my face

But your eyes are dead

It’s like they’re lost in a distant gaze

And now all hope is gone

Life just rolls along, stolen treasures

Taken from me.

10-Your Hand in My Hand

I’ve been working like a dog all my days

It’s all for the love of a girl.

I’ve been putting my pennies away

So someday we’ll travel the world.

I’ve been fishing these waters for years

Hauling the herrings and cod

I did all for the love of a girl

I swear to you and to god


So tonight when we’re steaming

Steaming back to the land

I’ll dream of reaching the harbor

And taken your hand in my hand

When the winds blows and our little boat rolls

I wish I was back on the shore

Sitting with you by some bright burning coals

A man couldn’t ask for much more

When the nets hauled half empty

And there’s nothing to share and the skipper stares hard

At the crew

I wish I was back on the shore, walking along beside you.


My days at sea are numbered I’m sure

I think I’ll go back to the land

Where you’re paid by the week sure we’d never be poor

And the overtimes’ in to your hand

No hard bunk just a soft feather bed

Where my love can lie with me

I think I’ll go back to the land

I’ll say goodbye to the sea.


11-Going Home

We watched the sun go down

It disappeared beyond the water

We sat and stared with sand between our toes

The evening was still warm so we stayed a little longer

Couldn’t bring ourselves to pack our things and go

When the day was finally gone

The moon and stars looked on

As hand in hand we crossed the sand + headed home

Goin’ home, goin’ home

Headin’ home, goin’ home

We watched the sun come up

It rose and warmed the ocean

It shone down on the mountains + the lakes

It brightened up the world and like some magic potion

It came and put a smile up on its face

And it shone on you and I

From its home in the blue sky

As hand in hand we crossed the sand + headed home


We wake up every day, we take it all from granted

Life goes on the world, keeps spinning round

You can live your life in fear,

You can hide beneath the blankets

Or you can stand up + face it down

So put your hand in mine

I think it’s about time that you and me

Had somewhere to be. Let’s go home